The State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
The State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology affiliated to Nanjing University was approved by the State Planning Committee and the State Education Committee in 1990. In 1995, the lab successfully passed the strict authentication. In 1998, 2001, 2006 and 2011, the lab also successfully passed the regular evaluation sponsored by the State Education Committee, Nature Science Foundation of China and the Ministry of Science and Technology, respectively.
Research Focus
1: To uncover the pathophysiological mechanisms of diseases those heavily threaten the health of human beings, including cardiovascular disorders, immunological as well as metabolic diseases.
2:The fundamental study on bio-drugs that are shown effective against cardiovascular disorders,cancer, immunological as well as metabolic diseases. 
3: The key technique in the development of bio-drugs, including high-efficient protein expression system, bioinformatics, drug delivery system and real-time monitoring, isolation of natural products and so on. 
Research Groups
Currently, this lab has formed a stable and high-talented research group. Until now, 65 permanent faculty members are included in our lab, among which 56 members have senior professional titles, 5 members are technical or executive staffs. 6 professors are awarded as Cheung Kong Scholars by the State Ministry of Education, 9 professors acquired the National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholar, 8 professors are awarded as talents of new century by State Education Committee. The detailed information is as follows:
1): Cheung Kong Scholars: Prof. Renxiang Tan, Prof.Qiang Xu, Prof.Jianlin liu, Prof.Chenyu Zhang, Prof.Ke Zeng, Prof.Zichun Hua;
2) National Science Fund for Distinguished Youth Scholar recipient: Prof.Renxiang Tan, Prof. Qiang Xu, Prof.Jianlin Liu, Prof.Chenyu Zhang, Prof. Zichun Hua, Prof.Ke Zeng, Prof.Genxi Li, Prof.Zhang Junfeng, Prof.Kong Lindong
3) Outstanding talents in new century: Prof.Genxi Li, Prof.Junfeng Zhang, Prof. Yonghua Yang, Prof.Pingping Shen, Prof.Lingdong Kong, Prof.Quan Zhao, Prof. Wu Yin, Associate Prof. Huiming Ge).
Scientific Achievements
In the past 5 years, this lab has obtained 1 National Scientific Awards (second class), 1 Provincial Scientific Awards (first class) and 2 Provincial Scientific Award (second class). The total number of publication is 1003, among them, 862 were published on SCI journals. The number of papers with impact factor over 10.0 is 21, which includes 5 papers published in Cell, Nature and Science independently or collaboratively. 1 American innovation patents and 58 Chinese innovation patents were issued, an additional 129 Chinese innovation patents and 5 international patents are currently under review. This lab has also obtained 1 clinical drug approval, 3 drugs are under the stage of clinical trials, another 1 new drug has completed the clinical trial, and is waiting for the final approval by SFDA.